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by Anina Net

We are pleased to bring you a two day exhibition during New York Fashion Week on September 8th and 9th, 2019 in Union Square as we partner with KNOTEL, showcasing the first fashion designers to use our 360Fash Tech "Robotic Dress" Kit, championing Diversity and Inclusion to see what happens when you put technology into the hands of creatives.


ROBOTIC DRESS & IOT Clothing Exhibition

360Fashion Network is pioneering at New York Fashion Week the intersection of diversity and technology by empowering fashion designers to create smart garments and accessories. With the showcase of ROBOTIC DRESS clothing, three outstanding fashion tech designers explore the intersection of mechanical, robotic clothing and fashion. Clare Tattersall, Christian Bruns, and Azreal YM have created mini collections on the themes of: origami, nature, and music which will be on display at the venue for two days.



  • Diversity and Inclusivity in Fashion and Technology

  • Know Your Shape & Silhouette

  • Sustainability & Future Technology

  • 3D Scanning & Body Positivity

  • Women Empowerment

  • WearableTech and much more during NYFW



  • Cat Schuller (Runway the Real Way),

  • Pamela Privette (hiTechMODA),

  • Pablo Start (Fashion Week Online),

  • Anina Net (360Fashion Network),

  • Clare Tattersall (ThunderLily),

  • Kathryn Bond (Fashion Law Studio),


New York Fashion Week and fashionable women's wearable tech will be showcased at the venue created by, Anina Net, the CEO and founder of 360Fashion Network. Anina evolved from a international fashion model into a fashion industry pioneer and developed Intel Curie-powered smart gloves showcased on CCTV at Chinese New Year and shape-shifting robot dresses showcased on ABC7News. Anina Net is listed as #7 in Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech. Wireless charging wallets, smart safety ring, iLLUMINATED JEWELRY, everything for the modern techy woman.


We have a charging station for your mobile and laptop at NYFW, a high speed connection to the internet, and a cool drink to enjoy while learning about diversity, inclusion, and the next revenue generating opportunities in fashion tech.


360Fashion Network is a network of fashion and technology professionals. With home medical care, sports tech, and entertainment industries merging with fashion--there is a new era of profitability dawning for fashion designers to drive new revenues.


Schedule for September 8th:

11:00 am to 1:00 pm

  • ROBOTIC DRESS & Women's Wearable Tech Exhibition

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

  • MORE THAN SIZE: KNOW YOUR SHAPE, SHOW YOUR SHAPE. The missing link in the retail paradigm shift with Cat Schuller (Runway the Real Way)

  • FIGURE&FIT: SHAPE SHOPPING AVATARS. The missing link in the retail paradigm shift with Pamela Prevette (hiTechMODA)

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

  • Fashion in the Age of Technology. Electronics integration and Design Thinking with Anina Net (360Fashion Network)

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

  • ROBOTIC DRESS & Women's Wearable Tech Exhibition


Schedule for September 9th:

11:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • ROBOTIC DRESS & Women's Wearable Tech Exhibition

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

  • Pablo Star (Fashion Week Online)

  • Pablo Star is the owner of Fashion Week Online and RNWY, as well as founder of the A.I. Rights Institute, and author of the forthcoming RNWY: A Novel. Pablo will read an excerpt from his upcoming novel and talks about how storytelling plays an important role in innovation.


Join us and become part of our community of like minded individuals to collaborate and synergize, in order to keep innovating towards the greater good.

Visit for further information.
@360fashion on facebook
@AninaDressUp in facebook
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