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What Makes a Super Model
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What makes a Super Model?

As I’m sure you know, there are many gorgeous models and people in general . You may even see someone who isn’t the most attractive on covers of magazines, and in fashion campaigns. Super models are, firstly, more than just good looks.

A super model has to be versatile, which means they have to be able to pull off several looks; Girly, Edgy, Blonde, Brunette, Long hair, Short hair and many other things. They also have to know their bodies in a certain way, Like how to move it and what angle will look best on camera. They have to be able to find the perfect lighting in any scenario and be able to listen to every photographer they come across. They can’t just simply stand there and take a pretty picture, they have to emote and are constantly moving and trying things to get that perfect shot.

They also have to have the current look everyone in the fashion industry is looking for, A fresh face to become everyone’s new obsession until something newer and more interesting pops up. You have to make the girls want to be you and the guys want to be with you, Liked by everyone.

You have to have a Stunning Body


Being just slim won’t work, you have to be mind blowing, or at least have everyone think you are, Which leads me to deception. You have to make everyone believe your perfect, even when you’re not. Most models aren’t anything special when you come to them face to face, but a supermodel has to give off a certain aura, something to make heads turn and people notice.

Lastly you have to have a thick skin, someone will always have something to say about you. Clients may think you’re too skinny or too fat and you have to be able to take that critique and make it help you thrive and move up in the industry. You have to know how to strut like you’re the hottest thing since the sun, and almost force people into hiring you when they see you’re irresistible.


Supermodels aren’t born, they’re made, Behind every cover girl is just a plain girl that was coached by clients, agencies and social pressure. If you have the right genes, and the right motivation/passion, anyone could become a supermodel.

A Super Model is a successful fashion model who has reached the status of a Celebrity

A supermodel is a highly paid fashion model who usually has a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. The term supermodel became prominent in the popular culture of the 1980s.

The average model you see on the runways of high fashion usually aren't commercialized as a supermodel is.

Supermodels don't just walk runways anymore. They often begin their own lines of clothing, perfumes, and other products. Some dip their feet into acting and become a famous actress in the end. Maybe some become musicians. In other words, they're known for more than just landing covers on the front of Vogue and opening the show for Versace.

A regular model- what is your definition of regular? I'm guessing you mean the models who often walk during Fashion Week and retain a somewhat unknown identity unless you look into the industry itself. These models are often up and coming. Or they just choose to remain in the model industry and not venture further. Models like Sasha Luss are well known in the fashion world, but they aren't well known like Karlie Kloss, for example, or Coco Rocha.

Contrary to what people think, some of these models already have excellent reputations built into the model industry. They have connections that they make (and their bookers make for them), and they just choose to stay out of shows like Victoria's Secret. When models walk for Victoria's Secret, they lose their elusiveness they once had when simply walking for other high brand designers. Many labels don't like big names walking for them and often choose newcomers, and refuse to book models like Lindsay Ellington, even if they show up to the casting call.

Money is a big difference. Supermodels usually make a ton of money. Normal high fashion models don't. Supermodels are also seen as sex symbols. They do both high fashion and commercial. These models have the "tabloid appeal". They are in essence, celebrities.

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